The unique pieces manufactured by Officina Move sway between craftsmanship and art, gathering the signs of the past, the present and of the future. They narrate life stories through snarky shapes that express contrasts in colors, lines and deployed materials. The aim is not re-styling or re-purposing objects, it is not re-furbishing antique and obsolete furniture pieces. Officina Move goes deeper into delving their soul, through a time travel that triggers emotions, in a dimension where the past melts into the present.



Original‘50s Style Chair - Chestnut wood - Leather Scraps


Original‘50s Style Chair - Leather Scraps

Man almost Dead

Original ’40s Style - Chair Leatherette Scraps

Fish out of water

Washing Machine Drum, leatherette scraps

Comfort Zone

Original ‘60s Chair - Iron - Leatherette scraps


Original‘50s Chair - Leatherette Scraps


Piano Stool - Polystyrene - Leatherette scraps

Amed Sea

Couple of original ‘60s Chair and Stool - leatherette scraps


Original ‘40s Dresser - Leather Scraps

Walking Desk

Recovery wood frames, recycled glass, recovery iron

Iron & wood – just married

Iron table 50s - wooden chair 40s - Recovery iron - Broom handle - Shovel - Recovery wood - Leather scraps


Original‘50s Style Chair - Leather Scraps


Original‘50s Style Chair - Leather Scraps


Original ‘50s Table - Glass Scraps