Alessandro Ciafardini

Officina Move is a project by Alessandro Ciafardini (Rome 1970). He is an Italian Art-designer, a definition where ‘Art’ stands above all for ‘Artisan’. Coming from a tailoring background, Ciafardini soon developed a passion for the Up-cycling process, assuming ‘deceleration’ as his own life style and the signature of his manufacturing production. Ciafardini’s motto is ‘live and think Slow’ so as to adjust the living to the natural rhythms, to internalize distances and develop a knowledge of the products and of the environment.

Speed, today’s synonym for progress, is to him the poison that spoiled our lives. Tech innovation, supposedly easing our everyday life, is actually forcing us to do more in a smaller and smaller time span. Officina Move is the answer to a widespread sentiment of compulsive Consumerism. It is denial of today’s throwaway-minded society solely concerned with the short term logic, where space and time annihilate.